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Copyright Registration


What is The Copyright?

Copyright is actually a legal right related to intellectual property. This gives the person the right to copy, modify and sell his original work. That is, grants ownership. It simply means that a person can publish, reproduce and sell any article or material (such as article, sound, film, painting, sculpture etc.)

Copyright Symbol

There is a special symbol to denote copyright, which is called a copyright symbol or copyright sign. It is used in copyright notices for various works. However, it is not needed everywhere. But it is used prominently in copyright declarations and notices.

Copyright registration

It is no longer easy to copy someone's intellectual creation and give it your name. Yes, there is now a copyright act for this, which was implemented only in 1957, but now people have become aware of it. Not only this, nowadays everyone makes every effort to protect his original work from being stolen, for which the best way is, the copyright act.

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Things are Protected Under Copyright

The following may be protected under copyright law.
  • Cinematography film
  • Sound recording
  • Musical work & Sound recording
  • Artistic work like paintings, photographs
  • Original literary others
  • Books
  • Computer programs
  • Website
  • Broadcasts on Radio and Television
  • Published editions

Copyright Registration in India

By Law, Copyright registration in India provides a protection to the creators of the original work, which with consent can also be assigned to another person. It includes film, article, story, music, book, audio, video or picture etc. After copyright registration, no other person can authorize the original creator's work without his permission, otherwise he can be prosecuted.


Some Key Benefits of Copyright Registration

1. Rights of the Owner
The owner of a copyright has the rights over reproduction, dissemination, adaptation and translation of the work. Relying on the work, you will have some variations in the composition of the rights.
  • Copyright helps in building credibility in Market
  • Copyright is Most valuable asset of the Company
  • Helps in expansion of business and earnings.
  • The copyright owner can reproduce his work as well as sell it by making copies of it.
  • It allows that you can file a case against the infringers.
  • Creator gets incentive and to do creative work.


Why Arvian Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

At Arvian Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, our Copyright professionals Expertise will offer legal advice and end-to-end support right from filing the application, collecting the details, till your work gets registered. The whole method will be done online, thus there's no need for you to go out and follow up with the government authorities. We will take care of all the mandatory requirements as well.


Documents Required for Copyright Registration

Personal information
Nature of the Work

What is included in our Package?

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Important to know the
difference between Copyright, Patent and Trademark

FAQ’S About Copyright Registration

Often people have some questions related to copyright registration in their mind; the answers to some of the major questions are given below-

Copyright gives the creator an exclusive right over the original work, with the help of which they can protect their work. Copyright includes a film, article, story, music or picture, etc., but people avoid registering, due to which a dispute starts. In fact, people in the commercial world are still worried about copyright registration, due to which they have to resort to court to resolve the dispute.

In general, copyright does not apply to a title, name, word combinations, statute, short phrase, or fact. In fact, copyright does not protect ideas or concepts, but it requires an original work.

The main purpose of the Copyright Registrar is to serve as an office of record. Not only this, the purpose of the copyright registrar is to oversee all copyright claims that lie with him. The Registrar explains the procedure, provisions, operation and practices of copyright as well as all documents.

Although the author himself gets the protection of copyright (on writing his story), but after registering the copyright, he buys a policy, which protects his original works. Copyright registration creates a public record of your work, which you can use if someone tampers with your content. In that case you can sue him.

Any literary work, including painting, architecture, film, sculpture, composition, audio, video or other type of intellectual work. Not only this, a musician can also enforce copyright on his music.

If you haven't got copyright registration for your original work, the other party can prove rights to your work. Not only this, the other party can also show that you allowed him to do the work or can even accuse you of theft. To avoid all this, you should get copyright registration done in advance.

Absolutely. Copyright registration may be sold, exchanged or gifted to anyone with the permission of the owner.

Absolutely. You should immediately send a legal notice, but still the problem is not resolved then you can file another complaint against the other party in the court.