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Online Trademark Objection Reply


Online Trademark Objection Reply

Trademark objection is a fundamental refusal gave by the Trademark analyst after examination of your trademark application. Some basic reasons for objection are Lack of distinctiveness under section 9 of trademark act 1999 or comparability with pending or registered marks under section 11 of trademark act 1999. Different reasons are use of geographical names, global proprietary names, offensive or obscene words as a piece of or as a trademark. Trademark search is significant before to file a trademark application, which reduces chances of objection. Whenever objection is received from the trademark registry, an owner of the mark needs to file a trademark objection reply within 30 days of the of the status reflected as trademark status objected.

A trademark objection reply should be filed with the registrar within a time of 30 days from the date of the issue of the examination report and neglecting to overcome all the objections raised by the examiner will prompt to an abandonment of the trademark. The abandonment places you into the situation in which you were before filing the application – which means, you've lost your cash spent on filing.

At Arvian Consultants, we give you a stress-free filing of trademark objection reply which would be managed by our experts inside a time period of 2-3 working days. Our group deals with the documentation and helps in give you a reasonable estimate of cost.

Advantages Of Trademark Objection Reply

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Documents required for Trademark Objection reply

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Method for filing trademark objection reply

FAQ’s About Trademark Objection?

  • Trademark appears similar to the existing trademark
  • Deceptive trademark
  • Trademark with symbol or words considered to be offensive
  • Unclear specifications of goods or services

Trade Mark objection can be filed according to a customer requirement for instant registration of a trademark by filing reply according to the objection raised by trademark officer and if the inspector is fulfilled from this reply, at that point the application is requested for the advertisement/publication in the trademark Journals.

For filing a trademark objection following documents & information are required:

  • Trademark Application Number
  • Duplicate of TM-1.
  • ID and Address Proof of the Applicant.
  • Power of Attorney.

We file reply within 2-3 days after the completion of reports from the customer.